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Top 5 Home Energy Storage Companies In 2022

Home Energy storage has several wide-ranging advantages. Scalable energy storage benefits everyone, from individuals and families to small enterprises and multinational corporations. Solar-plus-storage is the best option if you want to save money and protect the environment. Here are some of the biggest businesses involved in the energy storage industry as of 2022, listed in no particular order. Battery storage systems have a promising future, and these businesses will surely play a significant part in the development of energy storage systems for renewable energy.


Located: the United States


With about $1 billion in revenue, it completed its initial public offering in November. The storage technology company inked a contract with ESB in September 2021 to provide systems for 308MWh of storage in Ireland, concluding the largest energy portfolio transaction in Europe, prior to the IPO. Before the month’s conclusion, it was made known that Fluence would send its first energy storage system to Taiwan.


Fluence anticipates that the IPO will give it, among other things, the ability to deal with supply chain instability by constructing sizable manufacturing facilities all over the world that make it simpler to assemble products close to crucial markets. Will Fluence, a company with its headquarters in the US, be able to develop the tailored organizational structure it needs?


2.ESS Inc.

Located: Oregon, US


A group with extensive knowledge in fuel cells, electrochemistry, cutting-edge material science, and renewable energy formed ESS Inc. in Wilsonville, Oregon. With the support of ARPA-E and others, the company began exporting turnkey battery storage system in 2015 after five years of intense research, engineering development, and rigorous testing and validation. These solutions allowed businesses and communities to manage their own energy future.


The technology of the company offers financial and environmental benefits. Their non-corrosive, non-toxic chemistry specifically enables the use of commercially available materials. Due to its inflammability, expensive fire suppression equipment are not necessary. The customers gain from improved power density and lower O&M costs over the course of their platform’s 20+ year lifecycle when combined with a revolutionary cell design.


ESS is assisting project developers, utilities, and EPCs in the switch to more adaptable non-lithium-ion storage that is better for the grid and the environment with its safe, earth-abundant, all-iron flow battery technology.

3.Wuhan Lixing (Torch) Power Sources Co., Ltd.

Located: Wuhan, China


The Wuhan Lixing (Torch) Power Sources Co., Ltd. is situated in the China’s Optical Valley’s East Lake High-Tech Development Zone. It is the branch representing lithium batteries in the China Chemical and Physical Association. The company has been working with lithium cells for over 25 years, with a focus on R&D, and the management team benefits from extensive experience.


The Wuhan Lixing firm currently has more than 20 domestic patents. The company has built a solid name not only in the home market but also in other markets, winning the approval of numerous worldwide top 500 companies. The business has received certifications for its quality management system (ISO 9001: 2008), environmental management system (ISO 14001: 2001), occupational safety and health management system (OHSMS 18001: 2007), GP, UL, and UN certificates, as well as a license for the manufacture of weapons and equipment.



Located: Dongguan, China


Since its founding in 2013, Junda Battery has focused on the bespoke design and production of industrial and consumer batteries. Electric bicycle batteries, lithium ion batteries, Lithium Polymer batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, bespoke battery packs, NiMH batteries, and other items are among the company’s product offerings.


They provide customers in a variety of industries a large selection of conventional and custom batteries. For instance, their products are widely utilized in telecommunications, solar energy, maritime, medical, military, oil and gas, recreational vehicles, cordless phones, tablet computers, GPS tracking, and other industries.


Experts in sales and technical support are on hand at Junda Battery to help you select the best batteries for your needs and to provide you with samples of their products for testing. Junda sincerely wishes to collaborate with their clients and partners to promote their common objectives, adhering to its guiding philosophy of “team, entrepreneurial, credit, concomitance.”



Located: Toronto, Canada


The leading creator of utility-scale energy storage company worldwide is Hydrostor, a privately held corporation with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, that was established in 2010. By removing pollutants, boosting efficiency, and offering site flexibility, Hydrostor’s proprietary Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) product advances the established Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) technology.


In order to directly replace fossil power, postpone expensive transmission improvements, and increase the integration of renewable generation as the grid decarbonizes, the company is well positioned to deliver long-term, non-emitting, cost-effective energy storage.


In summary, Energy storage is becoming more prominent in the energy sector, and more businesses are now providing consumers with energy storage options. The top 5 residential energy storage suppliers for 2022 are shown above. The businesses serve a wide spectrum of customers, from small business owners to major corporations, by offering energy storage systems for homes on a national and worldwide scale. Even though some of the mentioned businesses may work in related fields, they are all significant contributors to the expansion and advancement of the energy storage industry. We hope this article is helpful and please contact us if you want to learn more or require a home power storage wholesale business.


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